All across America you see protest and riots due to the murder of George Floyd. People are fed up with police officers from all over getting away with killing unarmed black and brown men and women. In the city of Indianapolis, people have come together for not only George Floyd but also for Sean Reed. A 21 year old black male that was shot and killed by IMPD on May 6th while running away from officers. One of the officers stood over him and said “looks like closed casket homie” that officer has reportedly been fired. The other officer whom we still have yet to learn his name, has yet to be fired or charged. The city along with every other city in America, is sick and tired of this injustice. This inspired me to put a panel together of like minded individuals to discuss solutions to these ongoing problems. Please click the link below to watch our zoom conversation. Like, share the video and join my youtube channel for more content.


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